When you need hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring makes sense for your home, especially if you need good, durable material with an excellent lifespan. The visual aspect of this material is also a highly sought-after trait in the product line, offering stunning, timeless colors and textures that will last for years. You are sure to enjoy the many ways it can cater to your needs, so read along for more information.

Make sure you find out about wood floors

Your hardwood floors will serve you for many years, easily surpassing 100 years if properly cared for and maintained. The durability that comes naturally to them is one reason this happens, so you can rest assured that it is likely durable enough for your household. In most cases, these products will last for decades before needing to be refinished.

Engineered wood flooring allows you to have wood floors in below-grade spaces since solid woods cannot be installed there. These materials hold up better under the circumstances such as dampness, humidity, and changing temperatures, so you don't have to worry about warping, buckling, or cupping. The flooring must still be acclimated, just as solid wood does, but once in place, they do perform a bit better and offer a lifespan that averages 30 years.

Both materials allow you to choose a specific species, stain color, and finish type to create a personalized appearance for your home that will last even when trends change. You will have more stain color options if you choose site-finished flooring instead of prefinished, but a prefinished option gives you a quicker installation time. Stop by today to work out all the details with your flooring specialist.

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